Tips to make moving easier

Buying a home in Plattsburgh, NY has a reputation for being a long, tedious process.   From counter offers, working with the right mortgage company and gathering documentation. At the closing table you feel like the hard work is over.  However, the hard part has just begun…….. enter…… The Move.   Below are some move in hacks to ensure a smooth move into your new Clinton County NY home.

Getting ready for the move

1. In the weeks leading up to the move plan your meals around frozen food, perishables or opened containers in your kitchen.  It is recommended to not bring to many food items with you on the move, just the non-perishables like Spices and sugar.

2. Instead of bringing your whole wardrobe separate your clothes and donate the ones you haven’t worn in years.  Before you move just drop your clothes off at a drop box or schedule a pick up.

3. A good tip my buddy in the moving industry told me is schedule your move in the middle of the month and in the middle of the week.  Prices are usually lowest than as most moves happen at the end of the month.

4. Having a list of things to do before and after the move can help you stay organized.

Packing Hackskid in a box

5. A good way to get free boxes is to ask retailers or businesses if they have any extra boxes on hand. Liquor stores usually have sturdy boxes that are good for moving.

6. Another hack is to cut handles into the side of cardboard boxes for easy lifting.

7. Color code your boxes to stay organized. A good system is to color label by room.

8. Always label boxes on 2 sides. That way it is easier to see what is inside vs moving boxes to read the labels.

9.  Keep your hanging clothes on the hanger and slip a garbage bag over them. This will keep your clothes clean and your outfits will stay in place.

10. Always pack shampoo, toiletries, and cleaning supplies in its own separate box. Nothing is worse than all of your clothes smelling like toothpaste for a month!

11. If you are keeping your dressers and they are not too heavy just keep the clothes inside and cover it in plastic wrap.  This makes it easy to keep your clothes organized and once they get into their final destination they can stay put.

12.  To avoid broken plates or glasses put Styrofoam and newspapers in-between them.  Also pack these boxes tight so they do not move around.

13. Instead of folding clothes to refold them, roll them all up.  This saves spaces and makes them less prone to wrinkling.

stickman moving a box
14. Keep valuables like your Social Security card, Birth Certificate and expensive jewelry within your car if your hiring a moving company or doing multiple trips.

15. Pack a separate bag to also keep in your car with a change of clothes and toiletries.  If your doing a long move you probably wont have enough time to unpack everything that day so it will make the end of the day much easier.  The first shower after move in is always the best shower!

16. Sandwich bags are great for small loose items like screws and earrings.

17.  If your moving with a dog cat immediately show them where to use the bathroom at your new home.  Another tip is to put there food and water bowl in the same room at the new place, it helps them get acclimated to the new home faster.


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