Should You Borrow From a 401k to Purchase a Home?

In Clinton County, NY, “saving for a downpayment” is often cited as the number one obstacle to owning a home. Sure, some households manage to put money aside each month into savings, but with each […]

Tips to make moving easier

Buying a home in Plattsburgh, NY has a reputation for being a long, tedious process.   From counter offers, working with the right mortgage company and gathering documentation. At the closing table you feel like the […]

Common FHA appraisal Issues and how to fix them

From the low down-payment to the flexible property requirements, FHA loans are a very popular choice in Plattsburgh, NY.  From millennials to investor’s, a loan through the Federal housing authority is a great option to […]

2017 – Why you should Purchase a Home NOW

The Clinton County real estate markets have benefited tremendously from a fiscal policy that reduced interest rates and boosted our local markets… Like Plattsburgh, NY. In 2017 we can expect an increase in interest rates […]

Buying the right home your first time

For the most part when you ask a first time home buyer whether they would purchase a home again knowing what they know now the resounding answer is a “YES”.  Many buy because it is […]

Let somebody else pay your mortgage

No, not like that! Did you know you can actually live in your Real Estate Investment Property? Owning a Duplex, Triplex, or Four-plex is a great way to reduce your monthly mortgage payment while building […]

FHA Mortgage- Frequently asked questions

FHA Mortgages in Plattsburgh NY The Federal Housing Authority has been insuring Mortgages for many years and in many cases is one of the most affordable and flexible mortgage options.  When researching what program is […]

Job Change? You can still get Approved for a Mortgage

Although getting a New job during a mortgage is Uncommon, It is not a deal breaker.  For example you relocate to Plattsburgh for a new position, or changing positions with the same company in Plattsburgh. […]

Home Renovations Projects that Pay Off

Renovating your home is an exciting and challenging endeavor.  Some projects any DIY’er can handle while some are best left to the professionals.  Their isn’t a set formula for how much Return you will get […]