Credit Score

Credit Scores Could Rise Next Month!

Starting next month, you might notice a boost to your credit score. Here’s what you need to know. Credit Score: What’s Changing? Beginning today, the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion – […]

Mortgage pre-approval

How Long Does it Take to Close a Mortgage Loan?

  This is such a common question, I decided to write this article to help any potential home buyers. It is very common to have a new consultation scheduled with a an upset borrower because […]

Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage “Advisors”

More and more loan officers are presenting themselves as “trusted mortgage advisor” and “mortgage planners.” Unfortunately, there are no standards in the industry for these terms. Disregarding titles, it is important for anyone making this […]

Mortgage Application

The Perfect Mortgage Application

The media has it all wrong – securing mortgagea approval and satisfying credit underwriting guidelines are not the difficulties plaguing mortgage consumers. It’s in meeting the rigorous documentation requirements in the mortgage application that most […]

Mortgage Insurance / PMI

What is mortgage insurance? Mortgage insurance / PMI is offered by either the government or private insurance companies to enable lenders to offer smaller downpayments on loans. Before mortgage insurance existed, many had to pay […]

Should I Pay a Point?

Shopping for a mortgage can be very complex for the general consumer. There are several factors which can affect the decision of whether to contract for a particular type of mortgage. These factors include but […]

Want to Purchase? FHA Requires Less Cash

Fannie Mae has conducted national surveys regarding the obstacles potential home owners have to overcome when trying to purchase their first home. The findings showed that there are many obstacles to home ownership ranging from […]

The Government Will Still Help You Buy a Home

Think that there is no government support for first-time home buyer’s now that the recession is over? Think again. The government has supported first time buyers for decades.  With rates at historic lows and homes […]

Are you VA Loan Eligible?

Check your VA Loan Eligibility for free U.S Veterans have access to arguably one of the nations best home loan options.  The VA home loan also called the “GI Bill” or “Montgomery Bill” is guaranteed […]