The Risk you take by waiving a home inspection

In today’s hot market it seems like the day a listing hit’s it is under contract, this is especially true in Plattsburgh, NY and it’s surrounding markets. Some buyer’s may be tempted to try and […]

2017 No Money Down Home Loans

Purchasing a home in Clinton County offers great opportunity. In Plattsburgh NY real estate has consistently increased in value and interest rate are still extremely low. One of the biggest concerns many first time home […]

FHA Approved Lenders in Plattsburgh, NY

FHA-Approved Lenders In Plattsburgh, New York One of the best decisions you can make when selecting a lender in Plattsburgh, New York is to choose one that’s FHA-approved. Why? Well, for starters, FHA lenders have […]

Refinance Your Mortgage

What is a Refinance

What does it mean to refinance? If you’ve never experienced a refinance before, it might seem a little confusing.  In it simplest terms, to refinance your home means you replace the mortgage you have with a […]

Stage Your Home for a Faster Sale Looking to upgrade you Plattsburgh home? If so, there are some things you need to consider before you make an offer on the house of your dreams. First, […]

15 Questions to ask before you buy a fixer upper

Many Millennials share the same dream, find an affordable fixer upper in a perfect location; fix it up to your hearts content and sit back on the porch to relax when its done. The only […]

Real Estate Solutions 1 – FHA Paint Requirements

After the mortgage meltdown, private lenders had virtually vanished leaving only government backed home loans as the primary option for low down payment borrowers. As a result, FHA loans became the primary option for lenders […]

Closing on Your Plattsburgh Home

Once you find the house you want, you need to move quickly to make your bid. If you’re working with a buyer’s broker, then get advice from him or her on an initial offer. If […]