Home Renovations Projects that Pay Off

Renovating your home is an exciting and challenging endeavor.  Some projects any DIY’er can handle while some are best left to the professionals.  Their isn’t a set formula for how much Return you will get for each project but the idea’s below are the best Bang for your buck if you plan on Selling your … Read more

No down Payment with Va Mortgage Loans

VA Hug

U.S Veterans have access to one of the best Plattsburgh Home loan options.  It offers Guaranteed home loans to all eligible service members.  While many are aware of this, normally called the “GI Bill” or “Montgomery Bill” not everyone knows how one would qualify for the program.  It is Plattsburgh Mortgage’s  centers goal to offer … Read more

Carefully Choose A Mortgage Professional


The mortgage industry is a complex business. We play the role of financial advisor, CPA, credit specialist, and even a lawyer (in a limited and legal capacity of course). Serving the real estate community in Plattsburgh, NY has been a true privilege and solving the most complex financial issues has become a source of pride. … Read more